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Welcome To The Official Thyspunt Alliance Website

The Thyspunt Alliance needs your contribution to theThyspunt #LawFare campaign to save our communities from the impacts of the construction of the proposed Thyspunt Nuclear Power Station

Support the Thyspunt Alliance in opposing the proposed Nuke at Thyspunt in court for failing to follow due process.

The Thyspunt Alliance was formed to oppose the construction of Nuclear 1 and related infrastructure at Thyspunt. This area cannot sustain such a development both from a social and biophysical viewpoint.

We believe that the original site selection process was flawed. Feasibility studies were conducted in the early eighties and they are now outdated and not in step with the current situation. We believe that the area between Port Elizabeth and East London would be a better option than the currently selected site at Thyspunt. Alternatively the Duynefontein/Koeberg site should also be preferred to Thyspunt.

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OUR SUPPORTERS:- SFB Residents Association | F.O.S.T.E.R. | CSF Civic Association | SFB Kromme Trust
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