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The Thyspunt Alliance is opposing a Nuclear Power Station at Thyspunt.

The proposed “ biggest industrial development in the southern hemisphere” is a major threat to the Greater St Francis Bay. See a summary of these very real threats in our News section. All impacts have been extracted from the detailed 700-page environmental impact assessment EIA commissioned by Eskom.

Thyspunt Alliance has been responding to this contentious assessment and is preparing to fight it in court. To this end, the services of an environmental lawyer, Cormac Cullinan of Cullinan and Associates have been retained to act on our behalf.

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The Thyspunt Alliance needs your contribution to theThyspunt #LawFare campaign to save our communities from the impacts of the construction of the proposed Thyspunt Nuclear Power Station

Support the Thyspunt Alliance in opposing the proposed Nuke at Thyspunt in court.

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